• Solana archive nodes are now available on Coinbase Cloud

  • Coinbase Cloud, a blockchain infrastructure platform, announced the availability of Solana archival nodes yesterday, a tool to assist developers in developing products and services that run on the network.

    Coinbase Cloud previously released dedicated standard Solana nodes to allow developers to examine and verify transaction data from the blockchain. By expanding into Solana archival nodes, developers gain access to all historical data dating back to the Solana genesis block, with Coinbase Cloud handling the heavy lifting.

    Many blockchain-based projects, such as analytics and data providers, require safe, user-friendly, and dependable infrastructure in addition to access to the most recent 128 blocks, which a typical Solana node gives.

    While Solana’s high-throughput design lends itself well to use cases such as trading, it makes managing archival nodes technically difficult. Solana presently handles over 3,000 transactions per second and requires around 100 terabytes of storage for historical data, which means that maintaining archival nodes is time-consuming and costly.

    Coinbase Cloud is one of the largest infrastructure platforms that provide the service, and it has continued to support the Solana blockchain since it first started operating validators on the network. Following QuickNode and Jump Crypto’s validator client announcement last month, the news signifies significant industry expansion for Solana’s blockchain infrastructure.

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